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Nebojsa s.r.o.




Company Nebojsa Ltd majors in work in heights using mountaineering technique. Thanks to this specialization we are able to save great financial means spent on assembly technique (fork-lift trucks, assembly baskets + cranes for their operation, scaffolding and the like).



NEBOJSA s.r.o.
Semtín 112
533 53 Pardubice
Česká Republika (Czech Republic)

e-mail: info@nebojsa.cz


Company registration number: 27499995
Tax identification number: CZ27499995


We support

Important references – work in heights + assembly work

Hills_HustopeceHills Hustopeče, Czech Republic – industrial halls assembly and trapezoidal roof sheets (roof) assembly





Sconto_Ceske_BudejoviceSconto České Budějovice, Czech Republic - trapezoidal roof sheets assembly and folded facade assembly




Islisbergtunnel_SvycarskoIslisberg tunnel Switzerland – mobile sheathing boarding assembly

Important references – industrial coatings

Letiste_PrahaPrague airport PLC, Czech Republic – aeronautical fuel (JET A-1) tanks coating





Terminal_hromadne_dopravy_Hradec_KralovePublic transport terminal Hradec Králové, Czech Republic – iron construction coating